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Complete business set-up and end-to-end company formation for Saudi Arabia. Enter the GCC's largest and fastest growing market today with our experienced and award winning team.

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Access one of the world's fastest-growing economies through the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative. Saudi Arabia is now a key player on the global economic stage, offering attractive investment opportunities and business prospects across key sectors such as health, IT, FMCG and more. With a burgeoning middle class and a robust economic trajectory, Saudi Arabia provides foreign businesses with exceptional opportunities to drive international expansion and foster growth.

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Corporation Types - Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom is opening it’s doors to foreign companies, expatriates and tourists through lower barriers to entry and easier methods for business incorporation and relocation. Visa on arrival now exists for many European nationalities and the country continues to make huge investments into Sports, Entertainment, Leisure and Retail. The living experience in Saudi Arabia is now extremely positive, foreigner-friendly and rivals other countries globally.

Branch of a Foreign Company

The preferred and recommended approach for SME businesses first expanding into Saudi Arabia. No local sponsor or participant is required to open a branch office in Saudi Arabia.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A limited liability corporation is suitable for companies that have between two and fity shareholders. Existing partners in the company have the first right of refusal when any shareholder assigns, transfers or sells their stake in the company.

Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Recommended for private entities where there are a large number of shareholders. Such structure allows flexibility to issue sophisticated debt and equity instruments, such as preferred stock and different share classes.

Regional Headquarters (RHQ)

Regional Headquarter structure is required for foreign companies entering KSA when the company has two or more subsidiaries (or branches) in two different countries outside Saudi Arabia.

Technical and Scientific Services Office (TSSO)

A TSSO is typically used where there is a commercial agency distribution agreement between a foreign company and a local Saudi distributor with distribution rights for the local market.

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Why Set-Up Your Business Headquarters in Saudi Arabia

From 1 January 2024, it will be mandatory by law in Saudi Arabia for all multinational companies doing business within the country, to move their regional headquarters into the Kingdom.

This will come with several requirements, one of them being that at least 15 employees will need to be hired by the regional headquarter office, with a minimum of 3 employees being director level and above. We handle end to end company formation services, encompassing the whole 20 stage process for your business to be fully operational in Saudi Arabia.

Contact us to learn more and allow our experts guide you through the specifics and requirements.

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Sanctuary handled our company expansion into Saudi Arabia in 2022. Their team was prompt, efficient and handled the complete process seamlessly. We're extremely pleased and have further expanded our service scope with them.

-Eric Cage

Why Sanctuary?

We believe in offering unparalleled and uncompromising levels of advice, expertise, care and attention. We limit the number of companies and individuals we work with on a monthly basis, because we will not compromise on our approach and service levels towards our clientele.

We have worked with some of the largest businesses, HNWI’s and UNWI’s, families, family offices from around the world and helped them with structuring their affairs within the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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Please note that non-GCC nationals must already have a company to set-up in Saudi Arabia


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Please note that non-GCC nationals must already have a company to set-up in Saudi Arabia

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How long does it take to establish a company in Saudi Arabia?

The initial company incorporation will take between 30-40 days to complete. There are a number of post set-up registrations and procedures to be completed post the initial incorporation of the company and these process can take up to 60 days to complete.

How many activities can I have on my license?

Providing the activities are within the same category, you can have up to 10 activities without any restrictions.

What are the typical costs to establish a company in Saudi Arabia?

These generally start at SAR45,000 (USD12,000) and increase depending on the level of operation and assistance that you require. These costs include general Government disbursements as well as service charges, however please contact us to understand the costs relative to you more. There are also subsidies available to early stage, venture capital backed companies.

Can Expats own a business in Saudi Arabia ?

Certainly! Expats can own a business in Saudi Arabia through the KSA business set-up process. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has implemented reforms to encourage foreign investment, allowing expatriates to establish and own businesses. The KSA business set-up involves several steps, including obtaining the necessary licences and approvals. This initiative supports economic diversification and fosters a more business-friendly environment. Expats interested in entrepreneurial ventures in Saudi Arabia should navigate the KSA business set-up process, ensuring compliance with local regulations and leveraging opportunities in this dynamic market.

How to set-up a company in KSA ?

Foreigners interested in setting up a business in Saudi Arabia can navigate the Company Formation KSA process. The Kingdom has implemented measures to attract foreign investment, making it feasible for expatriates to establish and own businesses. The Company Formation KSA involves several key steps, including obtaining the necessary licences, adhering to legal requirements, and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Engaging with a local business consultant can simplify the process, providing valuable insights into the local market. With the right guidance, foreigners can successfully embark on the Company Formation KSA journey and tap into the opportunities offered by this dynamic and growing economy.

Do I need to visit Saudi Arabia to set-up my company?

Sanctuary will be acting on your behalf in this respect so we can establish the company without the physical presence of the beneficial shareholders or general manager. However, the nominated General Manager of the company will need to travel to Saudi Arabia to complete their visa / Iqama formalities and open the corporate bank account.

What documents do I generally need to provide to establish a company in Saudi Arabia?

You must provide the documents from you existing company, which include; Certificate of Incorporation / Trade License, Memorandum of Association and a Audited Financial Statement. You will also need to provide the passport copy(s) of the beneficial owners as well as your nominated General Manager.

What services does your company provide for complete business set-up and company formation in Saudi Arabia?

We specialise in providing comprehensive Services for Company set-up in KSA, offering end-to-end solutions that meticulously guide you through the entire 20-stage process. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless journey, handling everything from legal requirements to operational setup. With a focus on efficiency and precision, we pave the way for your business to become fully operational in Saudi Arabia, navigating the complexities with expertise and commitment to your success in the dynamic Saudi business landscape.

What types of corporations can foreign companies establish in Saudi Arabia?

The process of Setting Up a Foreign-Owned Company in Saudi Arabia has become more accessible, thanks to the Kingdom's initiatives to streamline business incorporation. With a focus on attracting international businesses, Saudi Arabia provides various corporation types tailored for foreign entities. This strategic move aims to simplify the setup of foreign-owned companies in the country, reflecting the Kingdom's commitment to fostering a welcoming environment for global businesses looking to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia.

What are the requirements and benefits of setting up a business headquarters in Saudi Arabia?

As of January 1, 2024, a significant regulatory change requires multinational companies to relocate their Regional Headquarters set-up Saudi. This mandate includes specific criteria for employees, with a minimum of 15 individuals, including at least 3 at the director level. This directive reflects the Kingdom's commitment to streamlining business operations and attracting global companies. The move aims to simplify the incorporation and relocation process, showcasing Saudi Arabia's dedication to creating a business-friendly environment for international corporations, particularly those establishing Regional Headquarters in the country.